Scratch the Map

Free Scratch the Map! This is a $25 gift! For Quebec residents only. ✈Do YOU like to travel or do you know someone who does? Then you NEED to experience this colourful scratch map! Get one FREE! • Perfect gift for any smiling traveler or loved ones • Serves as a great conversation starter • Unique and personalized record of your journeys • High-quality large copper coated map (33" by 24") To get your FREE Scratch the Map, do this: 1) Call 1-866 650-4641 Industrielle Alliance Car and Home Insurance and ask for two free quotes. NO PURCHASE OF INSURANCE IS NECESSARY. Just get the quote! • Give the privileged code: M50051 (this is essential) • Quote 1: Car insurance • Quote 2: Home insurance - for homeowner or renter 2) Ask to have the two quotes sent to your email address OR get the quote number and the prices for both insurances. 3) Forward the email to me: 4) Once I receive the email with the information requested above, you will be contacted to arrange for delivering the map. That's all! That simple! And no purchase of anything necessary!